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  Visiting SouthWoods FAQ


What type of Worship Service does SouthWoods offer?
There is a 10:00am service held in our main auditorium feature contemporary music by SouthWoods' band and vocalists; drama, video and multimedia presentations; and a message that offers practical, Biblical insights for your life today.

Is there a dress code?

No.  We're pretty casual at SouthWoods.  Jeans are fine. Even our "dress-up" days like Christmas and Easter services are business casual.

Where do I park?
We try to keep visitor parking available on the north and east sides of the building, but our neighbors allow parking in their lots, as well.

What door should I enter?
We have a lot of doors! Our main entrance, however, is at the northeast corner of the building, directly beneath the "SouthWoods" signs.  Please don't let our abundance of doors be confusing!

Once I arrive, where should I go first?
When you enter our main entrance, greeters directly inside the doors will welcome you and help you get settled.  They can show you around the building, show you where to hang your coat, and help your kids find the best place for them to spend the next hour.  Our greeters also will show you our Welcome Center and point out our fresh-brewed coffee.

Is there children's programming provided?
Absolutely.  For infants through 5th grade, we have WildWoods on Sunday mornings.  For kids in 6th, 7th and 8th grades, we have NRG. Our children's programming runs at the same time as adult worship.  High school students are invited to join in adult worship in the sanctuary. Our high school program is on Sunday evening.

Will my child be safe?
We are very serious about our children's safety. WildWoods' facilities are clean and safe, and our volunteers are well prepared to keep your child secure.  We have a check-in/check-out system to ensure your child's safety and your peace of mind.  And while it might be handy, we don't allow older siblings to check little brothers or sisters out of WildWoods.  All WildWoods workers are required to wear identifying shirts with name-tags clearly displayed.

Are there any surprises on Sunday morning?
We have Communion every Sunday.  Communion services are offered to anyone who visits -- you do not have to be a member to participate.  However, if you do not wish to take part, that's fine, too.

We also accept offerings every Sunday.  If you are visiting with us, you are our guest.  Please feel comfortable passing the plate right on by!


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