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Podcasting @ SouthWoods

So what is a podcast?

Maybe you have heard of podcasting but really don't understand what it is.  In basic terms, podcasting is the preparation and distribution of audio (or video) files using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to the computers of subscribed users. These files may then be uploaded to digital music or multimedia players such as portable MP3 players or the iPod.

Does this still sound like mumbo jumbo?  Think of it this way.  A podcast is like a subscription-based radio station that lets you save episodes in the form of audio (or video) files.  Many podcasts are free while a few require some type of fee to subscribe. Using a software program like iTunes, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts.  Each time you open iTunes, new episodes for each of your podcasts are downloaded to your computer.  From there, you can listen to the programs, transfer them to a portable MP3 player or your iPod, or even burn them to a CD.  All of the current smart phones allow you to access podcasts while you're on the go.

Each week SouthWoods posts "Sundays at SouthWoods" to iTunes. This podcast features audio from each of our weekly Sunday messages.  You can also subscribe to our video channel on Vimeo and view each weekly message in video format.

To learn how easy it is to subscribe to "Sundays at SouthWoods" and our Vimeo channel, please visit the  "How to Receive Podcasts" page on our website.  We'll have you connected in no time!


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