Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

SouthWoods Re-Opening Update

June 25, 2020 

 Dear SouthWoods’ Church Family,

The end of June is approaching, and we have already had 3 weeks of public services in our building!  We are so thankful to God that all has gone as expected and everyone is staying healthy.  It has been wonderful to worship with at least a portion of our church body together during these weeks!

As a quick update, we continue to have hundreds of people view our service each week via Livestream and Facebook Live.  But since June 7th, we have also averaged almost 100 people attending onsite each Sunday. We have easily been able to appropriately distance ourselves socially, and I am so grateful for the respect and space that everyone has shown one another.  Since we still have plenty of room to add people in the auditorium without compromising safe distancing, we have made the decision to discontinue the Interactive Livestream Experience in the Student Center that we began 3 weeks ago.  As Labor Day approaches, or if auditorium seating demand warrants it sooner, we can always restart it.  But I want to publicly acknowledge our leadership’s gratitude for the team of folks who made it available the past few weeks!  It has made re-opening our doors less threatening for everyone, and it has given us an opportunity to experiment some with one of the potential ways to expand our seating capacity while still social distancing.  Thank you, Interactive Livestream Team!

Last weekend our children’s ministry began its re-launch for preschool through elementary age children.  Everything went well!  Our nursery is scheduled to begin again on Sunday, July 5th, and NRG for Middle School students begins again on Sunday, July 12th.  Please keep these transitions in your prayers.

I want to say a special word of thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who are helping us move forward again in so many areas of ministry.  After 3 months of near dormancy combined with our concerns to preserve everyone’s health, re-engagement has not been easy.  Your extra effort and flexibility are appreciated and recognized by all of us.  In particular, we are especially appreciative of the sustained efforts of our staff, small group leaders, creative arts and tech volunteers! Throughout the entirety of the last several months your ministry efforts have been a constant source of hope and spiritual nourishment for all of us.  Thank you and may God bless you for your faithfulness!

As events unfold in the days ahead, we will continue to update everyone as needed.  In the meantime, rest assured that you are all in our prayers.  If for some reason you are unable or not yet ready to join us for worship onsite, we encourage you to continue joining us online each weekend. Share our Livestream link ( or our Facebook Live info with your friends or family who need Christ or a church. And remember, we are here for you!  If you need anything, simply reach out to one of our leaders or staff members and let us know.

 Sincerely Christ’s and yours,  
Greg Montague & SouthWoods’ Elders 
Jeff Alton, Curt Coglizer, Michael Robinson, & Wade Wright


SouthWoods Welcome Back Sunday! 

Dear SouthWoods’ Church Family, 

The day many of us have been eagerly awaiting is finally here!  This Sunday, June 7th at 10 a.m., SouthWoods is opening its doors to onsite worship again!  We’re excited to welcome people back and have prepared a quick video to help everyone know what they can expect when they’re ready to show up to SouthWoods in person again. 

Check out the video at this link:

 If you have any questions, email or call us.   We’re looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! – or soon! 

 Greg Montague 
SouthWoods Christian Church

SouthWoods Worship Service
Re-Opening Update  -  May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020

Dear Friend of SouthWoods,

 It’s time to prepare to welcome people back to our building for worship!  Restrictions for church worship gatherings in our area have begun lifting, so we have set aside Sunday morning, June 7th, at 10 a.m., as our Re-Opening Sunday.  Everyone who is healthy and feels comfortable worshipping with us onsite is invited to join us. 

 We have given extensive thought to getting our church building ready for reopening and keeping everyone safe.  Here are a few adjustments that are currently planned until restrictions ease further:  

  • Sanitizer Stations Are Required.
  • Masks Are Optional.
  • No Handshakes.
  • No Nursery or SouthWoods’ Kids Classes Yet.
  • A Children’s Ministry “Family Room” Will Be Open During The Service For Parents & Their Children.
  • No Coffee Time.
  • Pre-Packaged Communion Will Be Available.
  • Drop-Off Offering Baskets Will Be Available.
  • People Should Maintain Socially Distant Seating In The Auditorium.
  • An Overflow Worship Experience Will Be Available In The Student Center (Bay 4 of the West Building).
  • People At-Risk Should Feel Comfortable Viewing the LiveStream.
  • Intense Cleaning Of High Touchpoint Areas Will Be Regularly Occurring.

 To help us assure that that we’ve anticipated as much as possible, our Leadership Council and a handful of others (e.g. staff, elders & several other key leaders) have been invited to attend a "Soft Opening" this coming Sunday.  Their presence this weekend will give us an opportunity to experientially test our preparations and anticipate anything that may need more focus or attention before we open things up to everyone the following week.  Ask God to guide us. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions or need anything, please let us know.  We’re looking forward to seeing those of you who are healthy and can join us a week from this Sunday, June 7th

Serving Christ & You, 

Greg Montague

A Letter From Our Elders - 5/6/2020
Click Here to View SouthWoods Phase In Plan

Dear SouthWoods’ Church Family,

After several weeks of prayer, people sheltering at home, and livestreamed worship, I’m sure many of us are grateful to see our Governor and County Officials begin to release some carefully thought-out plans for reopening Kansas.  As a result, several have begun asking, “How does the Governor’s recent announcement affect SouthWoods? When will we begin meeting together again at our building?”


The short answer is:  Soon.  But unfortunately it’s too early to set a specific date.


Out of respect for our governmental authorities and medical experts, we plan to continue holding our Sunday services online until our Governor and County Officials release everyone to Phase 2 of their Recovery Plan.  If there are no setbacks in the coming weeks, our best estimate is that Phase 2 and our first worship service in person will probably get underway sometime around the beginning of June.  Watch for specifics as the month progresses.


As most of you would expect, even when we’re finally released to return to corporate worship, several things are going to be different for the foreseeable future.  To help all of us anticipate what that will be like, we’ve attached a card that highlights many of the big picture adjustments that are being made.  Please review the card and note that our Phased Plan correlates with the Phases being recommended by our governmental authorities.  Consequently, the precise dates of each phase are likely to be somewhat “fluid.”  So watch your email carefully in the weeks ahead for updates as each transitional phase gets closer.


In the meantime, we encourage you to continue joining us online each weekend.  Share our Livestream link ( ) or Facebook Live info with your friends or family who need Christ or a church right now.  Thank you for continuing to financially support the ministry of SouthWoods.  And remember, we are here for you! If you need anything, simply reach out to one of our leaders or staff members and let us know. 


As circumstances evolve and/or regulations change, we will provide additional updates. May our God fill you with a spirit of peace and faith, and may He “rescue you from every trap and protect you from every disease” (Psalm 91:3).


Serving Christ & you,

SouthWoods’ Elders

Jeff Alton, Curt Coglizer, Greg Montague, Michael Robinson, Wade Wright

A Letter From Our Elders - 4/3/2020

Dear SouthWoods’ Church Family,

Well, the end of March and the beginning of April 2020 have come.  And unfortunately, we’re going to have to extend our season of worshipping in individual homes via Livestream for at least a few more weeks.  Many of us had hoped that we’d be able to reconvene in time for this weekend’s 30th  Anniversary Celebration at SouthWoods.  But in the interest of protecting the well-being of others, we’re going to have to celebrate in a decentralized way for a bit longer.  Thankfully, God can be praised whether we’re physically gathered or just united in Spirit and fellowship electronically.  We trust that you’ll join us on our Livestream this weekend and in the ones that follow throughout this month.  Near the end of April we will reassess where things are and update everyone on what to expect during the month of May.

In the days ahead, let’s individually and collectively continue to be a people of prayer. Let’s look out for each other and live according to Jesus’ Golden Rule of love.  Let’s be witnesses for Christ.  And in preparation for Resurrection Sunday, plan to join Laurie & Greg Montague online for our “Let’s Remember” Passover event.  It will take place on Thursday evening, April 9th at 6 p.m.  Watch for a link to join them on our website and in a future email.  

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in our previous update, although we’re not meeting at the church building for the moment, our regular expenses and our ministry partner’s needs continue. So please continue to tithe to SouthWoods. This can be done online at our website at Please note that some have had difficulties getting the link to work properly using certain versions of Google Chrome. So if that happens to you, you might try to access the link using a different internet browser like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  Or, if you would prefer, you can always drop a contribution in the mail or bring it by the church office.  Someone will be able to receive it Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

If you or someone you personally know has any needs or difficulties feel free to contact the church office at 913-681-5105. We want to help if we can and encourage you through prayer.  

May the Lord “rescue you from every trap and protect you from every disease” (Psalm 91:3).

Serving Christ & you, 

SouthWoods’ Elders
Jeff Alton, Curt Coglizer, Greg Montague, Michael Robinson, Wade Wright

A Letter From Our Elders - 3/17/20

Dear SouthWoods’ Church Family,

After much deliberation, consultation, and prayer, the elders and staff of SouthWoods have mutually concluded that it is time for us to temporarily transition our normal Sunday worship service from a public gathering at 161st & Metcalf to many decentralized ones taking place in individual homes via Livestream. This change will take effect this coming Sunday, March 22nd, and continue through the end of the month. At that point we will reevaluate and update everyone.

While we have traditionally and consistently maintained Sunday services through all sorts of weather calamities in the past, the Coronavirus issue is much different.  Medical experts are telling us that we are being confronted with a contagion that is accelerating its spread and puts at risk the well-being of our senior citizens and those among us who have compromised health. Since temporary social distancing is one key action that can diminish the virus’ impact and protect our church family and community, we believe it is both wise and caring for us to utilize our livestreaming technology in the coming days as a temporary measure to protect as many people as possible from infection.

We ask for your cooperation in a couple of areas to help us. We want to keep track of how many people are attending the livestream each week. To help us accomplish that, we ask you to send an email to the church office ( ) each Sunday afternoon letting us know how many participated in the livestream at your location. This will help us administratively.

Also, we want to remind you that although we will not be meeting at the church building - potentially for a few weeks, our regular expenses will continue. Further, the many ministry partners that we regularly serve and support will also continue to need the contributions we send them. So please continue to tithe to SouthWoods as you normally would.  Of course this can be done online at our website at If you have any difficulties feel free to contact the church office at 913-681-5105. If, however, you prefer to drop a contribution by the church office, someone will be able to receive it Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Regarding our small groups, church staff will be in touch with each group leader soon to clarify their next steps and assess if there are any needs or unique situations that we’re currently unaware of. As for other planned gatherings/activities, circumstances are changing daily as new knowledge is made available. So watch for future email updates.

In the meantime, let’s individually and collectively be a people of prayer. Let’s lean into the ONE “90 Days of Awesome” activity that is not threatened by this pandemic: Our upcoming “Let’s Pray” event. Begin planning now to participate with us in the 30 Hour Prayer Emphasis (and Fast for some) that will begin on Sunday, March 29th @ Noon. Watch for details and an email link so you can sign up.

May the Lord “rescue you from every trap and protect you from every disease” (Psalm 91:3).

Serving Christ & you,

SouthWoods’ Elders
Jeff Alton, Curt Coglizer, Greg Montague, Michael Robinson, Wade Wright


Please continue to watch this page for additional updates as they become available.