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Celebration of Quinceanera at Agua Viva

08.14.18 | News, Agua Viva, Missions | by Tom Commerford

    Quinceanera is a celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Latin American communities.
    It marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. Agua Viva Children’s Home in Guatemala, one of our ministry partners, provides this tradition for their young women and asks for help from the visiting teams.
    Since 2012, SouthWoods teams have joined with Agua Viva to celebrate Quinceanera with the girls. We would like to give SouthWoods members a chance to partner with the team in purchasing the needed items for our trip in November. Cost is approximately $150 per girl for a commemorative ring, bouquet, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories and cake supplies.

    Below are photos of the five beautiful young women we will be helping. If you, your family, or your Small Group would be interested in helping fund the celebration for one of these girls, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Please contact Sandra Priest @ 913.710.6904 or write a check to SouthWoods (Note: please do not fill in the memo line of the check; rather attach a post-it note designated for Agua Viva.)

    Donations needed by September 30th!


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