Middle School Ministry

NRG is our middle school Sunday morning program for 6th -8th grade students. Our purpose is to create opportunities for our middle school students to connect with God while connecting with their peers. In our services, we utilize games, teaching and small groups. We also hold special events throughout the year designed to serve others, grow our faith and have fun. 

NRG is offered during our 10:00am service and meets in our Student Center. Watch the website for all the dates for NRG!

We have carefully planned and prepared our student ministry to accomplish the following 3 goals:

One of our main purposes in our student ministry is to know each student personally and make sure they personally know Jesus. We want to get to know them, what they enjoy, what their biggest life challenges are, and what their dreams are for the future. We also want to make sure they know Jesus on a personal level. In fact, it's so imporant to us, we included it in our logo.

Student Ministry Logo

The 1n1 in our M1n1stry title reminds us that we want to get "1 on 1" personal with each other and with Jesus!

We believe that each person should live a life of purpose. God has given every student special gifts, abilities, and passions to be used for Him! Their life has purpose and we want to help them understand what that purpose is!

We want to see each student's spiritual life become fruitfully plentiful! We want to see them growing in their relationship with God, growing in their relationship with others, and growing in their desire and ability to help their friends and others meet Jesus personally!

Please check the Events Calendar or middle school text line for information about Student Ministry Service Opportunities and Events.

Middle School Text Line

Sign up for our Middle School text alerts and reminders by texting @486d98 to 81010